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"Cashflow comes from Assets, create Assets" - by Erik Gustafsson

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About Me

Erik Gustafsson

My name is Erik Gustafsson and on this website I will share with you my efforts of creating an online income for myself.


"It takes money to make money"


Maybe you have heard that before, well for the most part that is true and it also applies to making money online. However that money does not always have to come out of your own pocket, and this is exactly what I want to explore here on this website.

What I want to share here is formulas and strategies for earning that startup capital neccesary for making money online by the means of "Paid Actions", thereby the name "Paid Action Profits".

Those Paid Actions can come in the form of completing surveys, offers and tasks, as well as watching ads and videos and trying out apps, just to name a few.

Most of the Paid Action programs that I will explore here will also have referral programs that pays out commission for the work that they do (at no extra cost to them of course), and this allows for great leverage to make much more money than is usually the case by just doing the work myself.

And therefore the strategies that you will see here will also include ways for attracting those referrals as well as helping them to succeed in their own efforts to make money online, by means that include listbuilding, ebooks with rebranding rights and also ways to monetize those as well as the tools neccesary to make it all work.

That monetization is what will then elevate both the cashflow and profit that is the result into a progressive residual income that just keeps on growing.

So the journey here is therefore to "Start From Zero" by the means of "Paid Actions" and transforming that into "Let The Money Work For You".

It is my hope that you will enjoy watching this journey as well as being able to use it yourself in your own journey to make money online and that it will work to your benefit. Enjoy!

Erik Gustafsson

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